EAPC Series: 7" to 19" Multimedia All-One-Computer with Touch Screen

LCD MultiMedia All-in-One PC

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Specifications Dimensions Packing List
Features Stylish, Light Weight Construction
Multiple video input PIP Functions
Full OSD Functions Remote Control for OSD Functions
Ambient Light Sensor Superior Image Quality-Functions
Superior Image Quality-Testing Industrial Grade Compliance
Best Choices for Multimedia Applications  
7", 19" TFT LCD Monitor
Elegant design with durable and light plastic construction
Multiple video inputs are suitable for more applications
Built-in speakers
Ambient light sensor (ALS) detects ambient light for automated screen adjustments to optimize viewing.
(For EA-15M/17M/19M only)
Remote control for OSD functions
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function
Supports panel, wall, rack or VESA stand mounting (Optional)
Supports RS-232 or USB touch screen panel (Optional)
IP 64 compliant plastic front panel
RoHS compliant
Stylish, Light Weight Construction

Stylish Design
The clean and refreshingly simple looks of the EAPC monitors provide an aesthetic interface for public area applications (e.g. ATMs) and industrial solutions (e.g. operator terminal).
Light Weight Construction
Light weight construction ensures the EAPC can be rack mounted, panel mounted and mounted on a VESA stand.
High Quality Audio Built-in
Two built-in speakers deliver dual 1.5/3 watts sound for your multimedia enjoyment.
5 Video Inputs
The EA-15M/17M/19M have multiple video inputs through common video connectors including VGA, DVI-D, S-Video, component and BNC video input interfaces.
The 5-in-1 system connects to a wide range of devices and most electronic appliances.
(The EA-07M/08M/10M/12M has a 4-in-1 system with VGA,S-Video, Component and Composite)
Multiple video input
Multiple video input includes the most common video connectors ,VGA,DVI-D, S-Video , component and BNC video input interfaces. The 5-in-1 system will meet various devices and vast majority of appliances for the purpose of electronic equipment.

PIP Functions

PIP enables a second video/image to be viewed in a small on-screen window. Images from other sources including DVR and DVD devices can also be viewed in the PIP window. The small onscreen window can be easily resized and moved to a specified onscreen location. Alternatively, " Picture-outside-picture" (POP) can be implemented by dividing the screen into two equally sized portions with two different outputs being displayed on either screen.

PIP Settings :


Three sizes including small, medium and large
Four positions including upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right.
Independent PIP widow color controls (Brightness/Contrast/Hue/Saturation)
A blend function makes the PIP transparent
Full OSD Functions

Integrated OSD functions under the front panel enables convenient monitor configuration. Image, display ,PIP, color and system configurations can all be set with the hidden OSD.
Remote Control for OSD Functions
Hot-keys on the remote control include PIP zone, main source setting, auto-dimming, brightness, contrast and volume. Remote control hot-keys ensure easy configuration of the EAPC.

Ambient Light Sensor
The EAPC 15M, 17M and 19M models with a mbient light sensor ensures your monitor performs optimally in all lighting conditions.

The ambient ALS can be turned on or off according to the users preference and the operational environment.
Some of the EA benefits include:

Reduces cost of operation by reducing the power usage
Extends backlight life
Provides comfortable viewing


Superior Image Quality-Functions
Advanced patented imaging technology on the EAPC LCD controller ensures the i-Tech EAPC has superior video quality.

Multi-function Touch Monitors
The EAPC multimedia touch monitors with the advanced LCD monitor controller supports resolutions up to and including WUXGA. The monitors are mid-range cost effective LCD TVs with PC and HDTV connectivity.

Response Time compensation
Motion blur in motion videos is prevented by RTC technology that enables the LCDs to respond as fast as CRTs.

DCDi Technology
Jagged edges on diagonal lines caused by interpolation are eliminated with the DCDi video mode algorithm.

High Definition Multi-function Touch Monitor
With VGA/YPbPr video input, the EAPC multimedia monitors can accept 1080i high resolution images.

Advanced patented imaging technology on the EAPC LCD controller includes Response Time Compensation (RTC) and Directional Correlation Deinterlacing (DCDi) and ensures the i-Tech EAPC has superior video image quality.

Superior Image Quality-Testing
i-Tech Color Adjustment
Panel manufacturing processes may cause inconsistencies in an LCDs image quality. To ensure each panel produced has consistent image quality, each panel is tested by i-Tech's unique color adjustment system based on gamma curve, gray balance, and white balance measurement standards.

GAMMA Curve Adjustment
If a display device does not have the proper gamma response, the picture will be less than satisfactory. If the gamma is too low,the picture will have to much contrast and will loose detail. If it is too high, the picture will be washed out.
Industrial Grade Compliance
Industrial Grade Compliance

IP 64 Compliant
The IP 64 compliant EA-xxM series front panel
guarantees the highest level of ingress protection
against dust and low pressure water spray. The
EAPC monitors can with stand any industrial
environment where dust and drizzle is encountered.

RS-232 or USB Touch Panel
EA-xxM series supports 4/5 wire resistive touch
screen via an RS-232 or a USB interface. The
optional touch panel can withstand the demanding
requirements of harsh industrial environments and
outdoor applications such as POS, kiosks, retail,
transportation, gaming, and surveillance.

Best Choices for Multimedia Applications
EA-07M/08M/10M Transportation
Small size industrial ?rade LCDs are ideal for in-vehicle systems
in trucks, public transport vehicles, and police cars. EA in-vehicle
LCDs used in car navigation systems and as monitors for rearseat
entertainment systems are able to withstand vibrations
caused by the motion of the vehicle.

Wide Screen for EA-07M
Internal Speakers (1.5W/1.5W)
Remote Control for OSD Functions

EA-12M/15M Retail Solution
Our touch solutions provide reliable interaction making them ideal
for use in retail applications. The touch function will speed up the
point of sale transactions , and self-service viable.

Internal Speakers (1.5W/1.5W)
Superior Image Quality
Remote Control for OSD Functions

EA-17M/19M Advertising and Gaming Platform
The EAPC monitors deliver superior picture quality and 160簞
/160簞 wide viewing angles make it the best platform for advertising
and gaming.

160o/160o Wide Viewing Angles
Remote Control for OSD Functions
Superior Image Quality
Internal Speakers (3W/3W)


Packing List

Item Part No. Remark
Power Cord 32000-000002-RS Length:180cm
VGA Cable 32000-036200-RS Length:180cm
Audio Cable 32000-036500-RS Length:180cm
Component Cable 32000-083700-RS Length:10cm
Component Extend Cable 32000-088100-RS Length:170cm
DVI Cable 32000-086600-RS Length:180cm for AFL-15M / 17M / 19M
36W Power Adapter 63000-FSP0361AD101C-RS for AFL-07M / 08M / 10M / 12M
60W Power Adapter 63000-FSP0601AD101C-RS for AFL-15M / 17M / 19M
User's Manual CD-ROM 7B000-000087-RS  
Remote Control 7Z000-8T00322ICP01G-RS  
Touch Pen XTR104-0002-RS for Touch Screen Models
Touch Screen RS-232 Cable 32000-000098-RS Length:180cm for Touch Screen Models